Courant Research Centre "Text Structures"
It takes more than one coffee, but one mouse will suffice.

The software that creates online questionnaires in minutes

If you have a list of stimuli and you have very basic html knowledge, OnExp will help you create an online questionnaire. It really shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.


  • supports all kinds of stimuli that html can display: text, audio, pictures.
  • you can have as many stimuli shown at a time as you want.
  • you can add as many stages as you want: collect subject information, practice, main questionnaire
  • you can specify the number of subject needed - you receive an e-mail when that number is reached
  • transparent results stored in .csv format that you can immediately import into your statistics program
  • all php based: no script runs on the computer of the participant, hence being absolutely safe for the users
  • results are recorded on the fly - partial results saved
  • support for sub-experiments with even participant distribution

In addition:

  • for scientific usage in the CRC "Text structures" or collaborating projects, you can use our own server for surveys.
  • for everyone else: you can download everything you need to create your own OnExp server in minutes.

New Features: